about us...

  We're just a couple of guys with an unhealthy addiction to discarded and forgotten media, specifically; old answering machine messages.

  There is beauty in the authenticity of an old cassette tape full of real messages with unfamiliar voices from who knows where or when.
  There is a story somewhere inside each message. Some of these stories are obvious, but some will have you playing an elaborate guessing game. Some are pissed off. Some are funny. Some are desperate. Some are pathetic. Some might confuse the hell out of you, and some are just plain sweet. As the observer you listen in on the most intimate details of someone's private answering machine and decide for yourself.

  These tapes have been stolen from thrift stores, found at yard sales, in garages, and otherwise collected from all over North America. Over the last 7 years, we have collected and compiled many hours of tape. That collection, combined with some messages donated from other people and sources, has boiled down to a large stockpile of our handpicked favorite messages of all time, and we are always adding new content.

  The last few months have been a lot of fun for us. While sharing our test-site among our friends and family, it's been interesting to discover that, with some of the messages, people automatically fill in the blanks with their own information, in order to grasp a story that we will probably never know the truth of. It's fun to hear the different views from person to person.

  According to a recent study (that didn't actually take place) we discovered that most messages left on an answering machine contain less than 33% of the information needed to really understand the whole story. That's because, from your perspective, the caller tells less than 50% of the story, because he knows that the person on the other end, already knows the other half of the story. So it is unnecessary for the caller to waste more than 25% of his proverbial "breath" going over more details than are needed. This leaves you in quite a unique and interesting place as the observer.

  We don't wanna bore you with the "Science" of it all. Let us do the Math. We encourage you to just sit back, relax, and listen to some weird shit.

  We hope you enjoy afterthetone.com. We think it's fun.

  If you've got a message or voice-mail that you think is interesting, we'd love to hear it. And if it's good enough, we'll throw it into the mix. Just send us some info about your message through our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

  Thanks for checking out the site, and have a great day!